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3 in 1 - Skirt, Poncho or Tablecloth

I've made a few pieces of clothing which can be worn in different ways, so I'm thinking of introducing a new label - 3 in 1 for example :) I just can't resist the desire to try out multi-functionality of clothes, and that's what makes me - me. Therefore, this post goes to that particular category itself.

This Skirt - Poncho - Tablecloth was crocheted from an old unraveled cardigan that didn't fit me. I used hook No. 3.5, and the finished piece has 300 gr, while its length from waist to bottom edge is 55 cm.
My first idea was to make a nice, lacy skirt which would be worn over a bulky black tulle skirt. I wanted to find a diagram for a doily for this project, and this tablecloth caught my eye.

When I finished my skirt, I realized that it can be worn as a poncho, but also be used as a tablecloth, even with the hole in it - a fruit basket or a vase can be put in the center to hide the opening.

If you want a tablecloth, start from the center (Diagram 1) and follow it to ro…

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