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New Year Ballroom Combination

For our annual Ballroom dancing event at IT Faculty in Belgrade, I made a skirt and corset. As matching jewelry I wanted to wear these crocheted necklace and bracelet, but it seemed a bit over the top, so these two pieces of accessory remained unworn and will await some other special occasion.

Both the choker-necklace and the bracelet were made according to the same pattern, but I added 2 more repeats of the pattern to the bracelet-cuff, so that 2 ribbons could be pulled through and one more to be tied into a bow. The necklace, however, has just one row of holes for inserting the ribbon, and is tied to the front.

You will find this lovely choker-necklace diagram HERE
The sewn combination was published in the 13th, holiday edition of the on-line Magazine about cutting and sewing "Anita Mei", and there you will find instructions and a drawing for the skirt and corset. Make sure you take a look at our other unique festive garments, inspired by the past holidays.

I tailored the …

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